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Vigo GP Formula 4 Racing Car (Tatuus-Abarth), CFD Visualization in Augmented Reality on the real scale car
car_rotY-072Deg.part03.rar size: 5.24288 MB
F4ITALY_TATUUS2014.pdf size: 5.818568 MB
KITE_F4_Steady_Desk_VIGOGP.part2.rar size: 40.558725 MB
KITE_F4_Steady_Desk_VIGOGP.part1.rar size: 47.18592 MB
F4 Car 000275.jpg size: 0.899887 MB
F4 Car 000292.jpg size: 1.021643 MB
F4 Car 000318.jpg size: 0.852255 MB
F4 Car 000375.jpg size: 0.829085 MB
F4 Car 000401.jpg size: 0.798163 MB
F4 Car 000427.jpg size: 0.980724 MB
F4 Car 000445.jpg size: 0.973368 MB
F4 Car 000555.jpg size: 0.588533 MB
F4 Car 000600.jpg size: 0.624051 MB
F4 Car 000704.jpg size: 0.832285 MB
car_rotY-072Deg.part04.rar size: 1.513732 MB
README_FetchCFD.txt size: 0.000493 MB
Tarmac.jpg size: 0.02009 MB
F4 Car 2727_1024x768.jpg size: 0.419158 MB
F4 Car 2742_1024x768.jpg size: 0.487715 MB
F4 Car 2635_1024x768.jpg size: 0.298662 MB
F4 Car 2630_1024x768.jpg size: 0.277202 MB
F4 Car 2699_1024x768.jpg size: 0.353001 MB
car_rotY-072Deg.part01.rar size: 5.24288 MB
car_rotY-072Deg.part02.rar size: 5.24288 MB